Safe Guarding

We have a specific duty of care towards the children and vulnerable people who practice in our club.

In acknowledging this duty of care, we recognise the need to ensure that our younger students feel safe and happy in the club and to do all we can to ensure that abuse, in any form, does not occur within Invicta Martial Arts.

Abuse can take many forms: physical, verbal, emotional, sexual. While our primary focus is to deal with issues within our training environments, we must also be aware of the potential for abuse to occur away from the club and be ready to help any member, who may see his or her instructor as the only person he or she can trust to help with problems occurring elsewhere.

Invicta Martial Arts falls under the umbrella of several sporting bodies, The British Boxing and Martial Arts Association, The British Aikido Board, The British Council For Chinese Martial Arts and has formally adopted their Safeguarding policies.

Instructors at Invicta Martial Arts are required to be DBS checked